What is Your Definition of a Good Teacher?

 This was one of the topics discussed in Week 8 – what constitutes a good teaching practice or in other words how can we measure whether the teacher is good or bad.



I personally feel that when I hear the word “Teaching” Aaah! teaching what a job! Sometimes you are praised so much that you never want to leave the job, hug the child so tight and thank him for appreciating what you do. Sometimes it is such a dilemma and brings nightmares to you and your career and makes you to curse yourself for choosing the profession. I would say the profession itself brings complexity yet it is so beautiful at the end of the day.

If I am to describe the profession or quality of a teacher I would say a good teacher is one who brings interests in children’s learning, understands the unique qualities of the child, respect their individual differences, accept their families, prepare, organize and strive to produce children of critical thinkers, shows patience and responsibility in the job. This isn’t all but few I can use to describe qualities of a good teacher.

I watched this interesting Youtube video called “Top Ten Signs You’re An Early Childhood Educator”.

I smiled, laughed and pitied. This is the kind of job we are in a way obliged to do and I am proud of myself as thought of choosing this profession.

Once my lecturer told us in the class “A Doctor can kill a patient, but a teacher can kill a nation”. It is true I believe and it shows how significant roles we play for the children and preparing them for a better future.

There are very good articles and journals about the roles, responsibilities and qualities of the teachers. Below attached is one I read through The Qualities of A Good Teacher: how can they be acquired and sustained?



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