Better be Safe than be Sorry!




Traditionally, the fear every parent and society has is a creepy – crawly man wandering through the neighborhood, glinting at children playing in the backyard, invading their free outdoor play.

Similarly in the current speedy technologically growing world, there are number of dangers, creepy strangers glancing at your child while they are sitting at the PC at home in comfort.

Internet safety for children is keeping them safe while exposing to the internet. It is a significant component to consider. My colleague Katrina has spotlighted in her blog post vital elements in regard to safe internet which is worth reading.

At home sometimes internet is offered for the children when the adults and parents want a peace of mind from them. Hence, they are not given balance, no guidance, and ground rules.

Children can’t be restricted from using the digital tools, electronic gadgets and any technological resources. Meanwhile they can’t be given unlimited and unattended access where they might get lost and land in a world of difficulty.

Digital world is truly a best choice for children’s education and their well-being as long as they are on a platform free from risks, guided and are under careful supervision where they can gain something out of it.



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