Farm In the City…

Another exciting and fun filled experience!

It was an opportunity we were granted during our Professional Practice to best use our time to let the children utilize, explore and learn to use different digital tools in their journey through the Farm In The City.

Children love to learn about animals. Animals are their fascination. They can learn a lot about animals – their movements, their habitats, behaviors, their food, difference and similarities and so on. As a matter of fact I believe that Visit to a Farm is a must for children.

Children were given opportunities to take pictures, feed different animals, watch bird show, learn about various animals, feel, see and hear the differences between one another. This was an excellent experience for the children and as well as for us teachers.


My colleague Neena has shared her experience with the children in the Farm where she described the enthusiasm children had during and after the visit. 

This is fun and a Must I would say for children to experience. 

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